viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

High five for first kiss

All you need is love

Me dio mucha ternura este vídeo!

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  1. Hola Chaly:
    Si te refieres a la frase "All you need is love" (El niño la tiene grabada en su remera) creo que sí, que todos necesitamos dar y recibir amor.

    ¿Vos no?


  2. Hi B.:

    "All you need is love" may have many translation.
    The vid is good, I liked.

    (But... you change again the look of page... well: "All need a change sometimes")

    Kiss and queti.

  3. Hi D:

    I need food. I need water.I need to breathe. I need love...

    Why I did change the blog's look?
    Pick the correct answer:
    1.- Queti
    2.- Noti
    3.- I was boring.

    You didn't say me if you like the new look of my blog. I don't care.

    Thanks for your comment.

    PD: Don't you need love? Don't you need change something sometimes?


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